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  1. Falonne

    What was the perfect private server?

    Name : Max IGN : Falonne, DoubleZero, Sacha From what year you started playing top: 2007-2008 How was your experience in top: Love this game, first mmorpg i played and it is almost the only one i can play for now, too bad it went down like this. What private servers you played: Played many server starting from Abysmal Sea, Red Squid, UPO, ROSO, DSO, etc tried out many, and played everywhere it was cool. What you dont like about servers: The managment, lack of ad for alot of server, so many server with great potential closed too fast / Also i hate player who got only bad mentality ( lets try to dupe/ hack / etc ). Thats why ToP ps failed for me. What was the BEST private server you played, and why: Many server i loved, first of all Abysmal sea, first ps i played it was so great to see an server different from Offi, still hard but you could become great, insane pk,etc. Then one of the server i loved the much was King Of Pirates, a server based on Dungeon Sea files and created by Eli if i remember well but i found it like 10 times better than DSO, pk was insane, event too, alot of farming way, always something to do. Badly they did a top 2 version and closed.
  2. This project is dead?