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  1. saa0d

    Exchanger NPC when Hover on item

    Hey @V3ct0r I can't wait till you release it for free! Please tell me when you do. I appreciate it so much!!
  2. Hello guys I know i've been filling the forums with lots of questions but i'm about to open a server that we all miss. anyway I have this exchanger NPC as shown in the picture. Is it possible so that when I hover over an item, it shows me its stats? Thank you. Need a reply ASAP please!
  3. Hello guys So i'm following Foxseiz's guide on creating a map here The Full Map Developers Handbook and i'm having an issue creating a minimap. The problem is i'm trying to make a minimap of garner because I changed some stuff in it. Anyway, when I go to map editor and I go to minimap option. I type in 0,0,163.6,163.6 which is garner size 4090/25,4090/25. Anyway, the problem is that whatever value I enter, the editor says generating minimap of 0,0,163.6,163.6 then quits suddenly, once I press enter; the minimap, garner.pk, file is not generated also. Why does it keep quitting? I tried different clients but all same problem. Help!
  4. saa0d

    Database(lottery system) problem

    I actually don't know how to use them xD
  5. saa0d

    Database(lottery system) problem

    Hello, thank you for replying. Where do I find that LotterySetting table? thank you.
  6. I'm trying to run my server files on a new computer but I have been running into few issues till now. I'm trying to run the servers locally, using which works perfectly fine on the other computer. The problem I ran into was that the account,gate,group servers were not connecting to the database using either local IP address or . Each time I was getting account server hang and groupserver unable to connect. So I tried doing something which is copying the Instance name of the SQL to the cfg files like this: When I did that, the account server, group and gate servers all were connected to the local database. But when I tried running the game server, it gave me a message (Database Connected!) But then right away I got the error "Database (lottery system) initialization error" Please help me to resolve this. If it's possible to resolve the whole thing where I can type instead of the instance name it would be even better. Thank you. P.S: I'm using MYSQL 2012 with compatible database. Everything is working fine on my other computer and i'm able to enter the game. But I'm unable to start the server on this computer. What's wrong??
  7. saa0d

    Editing skills animation

    What is restore.exe..? re coloring textures of apparels and buildings guides are everywhere.. I need to recolor skills..
  8. saa0d

    Editing skills animation

    Okay, we are getting somewhere. But I believe that the texture files for buildings and items is different than skills. Where can I find the texture files for skills?
  9. saa0d

    Editing skills animation

    Thats the thing.. With what program can I recolor them??
  10. saa0d

    Editing skills animation

    So I can't edit animations? What I really want to do is change the color of the animations, not make new animations. For example, I want to make the skill "Illusion Slash" become red color when used instead of white. Any way to do that? thanks
  11. saa0d

    Editing skills animation

    any one please??!!!
  12. saa0d

    Editing skills animation

  13. I live in UAE and i'm able to set up a server
  14. saa0d

    Editing skills animation

    Hello J0k3r, I downloaded 3ds max but apparently it cannot open .eff files :(?