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  1. Giampy

    Map creator & Quest developer

    This guide is well made, explaining how to create different type of quest, credits to @Angelix !!!
  2. Giampy

    Map creator & Quest developer

    @GMJor Are you looking for ideas or how to create a Quest ?
  3. Giampy


    Pm Me, i wanna help you
  4. Giampy

    [1.0.0] topCMS

    We need only to wait, Perseus working on it, and when the release is ready we can test it, but as for now Perseus suggested us to not install it, as you can see in the thread here down
  5. Giampy

    [1.0.0] topCMS - Setup

    Only @Perseus could know how to solve/debug that, but it seems to have disappeared from the face of the Earth
  6. Giampy

    [1.0.0] topCMS

    Any news @Perseus ?
  7. Maybe you'll need to cache your new Iteminfo.txt
  8. Giampy

    [Request]IGS Mall

    Need Help? I'll Help you via tw, hit me a Private Msg.
  9. Giampy

    LuaSQL (DLL)

    I think could be a nice idea release it for all existing server versions (1.x - 2.x)
  10. Giampy

    Favorite Song Game

  11. Giampy

    Favorite Song Game

  12. Giampy

    Aries Pirates Website ( Tera Pirates )

    But its a Pure CLEAN Website or what? Without Bug/Flaws?
  13. Giampy

    Mini Game

    Filter Syntax:: pkodev.net##IFRAME[id="seomonsters_wrapper"][src="https://seopult.ru/other/system/seomonsters/init.php?timeout=5&ref=7230e68a6f9a7aa6#27bd929338c9eca78ebeefe2167807e0"]
  14. Giampy

    What happened to MainDev?

    Yeah now it works perfectly. Thanks as ALWAYS