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  1. FapFap

    Apparel Fusion

    @GOAT I have that already but im asking if theres a way to allow it from forge.lua so I don't have to change every apparel type from 27 to 22
  2. FapFap

    Apparel Fusion

    I'm still having a Pop-Up message when I try to fuse, so aint working
  3. FapFap

    Apparel Fusion

    I'm having some trouble while fusing Champ Armor to "All Class Armor Apparel" it doesn't let me fuse, fusion allowed only to "Champ Armor Apparel", what should I edit at forge.lua to allow fusion of Champ Armors to "All Class Apparel Armors" and after that does that require to change each Champion Armor Apparel ItemInfo Number from "27" to "22" ? I hope im clear..
  4. FapFap

    V2 TOP Launcher BACKGROUND

    It's not stolen, already shared on Archive.
  5. FapFap

    New website compatible with TOP

    @x3w0r how is this project going? or maybe quitted?
  6. FapFap

    [1.0.0] topCMS

    @Perseus I managed to load website now thanks alot, can't wait to see the other features you were working on.. I hope you didn't quit this project since it's been long time since you didn't made an update of it. btw it has any hole? I mean is it safe to use for a running server?
  7. FapFap

    [1.0.0] topCMS

    @Perseus I installed the drivers you sent, but im still having same error:
  8. FapFap

    Fusion Apparel

    @Andy Works perfect thanks.
  9. FapFap

    [1.0.0] topCMS

    Yeah that's exactly what I did, I'm using x86 drivers coz x64 doesn't work, " php_pdo_sqlsrv_7_ts.dll and php_sqlsrv_7_ts.dll " I removed " _x86 " at name this is what I used at php.ini extension=php_sqlsrv_7_ts.dll extension=php_pdo_sqlsrv_7_ts.dll also I download the " SQLSRV40.EXE " which supports php version 7.0+
  10. FapFap

    Fusion Apparel

    Is there a chance to add a checker that when people try fusion ex: Real Armor Apparel with Stats to normal apparel (the fusion window won't let you put the "Real - Apparel with stats" to the "Normal Apparel" place) so that you won't be losing Real Armor while fusing it to another apparel.. I hope im clear in this, if this is possible how to do it?!
  11. FapFap

    [1.0.0] topCMS

    PHP Version => 7.1.26 Thread Safety => enabled
  12. Can someone tell me how I can change the background of this Launcher?!
  13. FapFap

    [1.0.0] topCMS

    @V3ct0r Still im having this error:
  14. FapFap

    [1.0.0] topCMS

    Can someone help me with this problem?