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  1. FapFap

    Imp Item (Card)

  2. FapFap

    Imp Item (Card)

  3. FapFap

    110% apparel effect

    @Angelix @V3ct0r ty
  4. FapFap

    Imp Item (Card)

    BUMP, could someone help me with teamviewer? mm
  5. FapFap

    Imp Item (Card)

    I followed ur guide and made the new user with db_owner and sysadmin permessions and configured the script but still same it shows this on gameserver.exe
  6. FapFap

    How do I add HD to my character?

    21-22 or 23 not sure
  7. FapFap

    Imp Item (Card)

    mm Still same, but now tells this on gameserver when i click the item:
  8. FapFap

    110% apparel effect

  9. FapFap

    110% apparel effect

  10. FapFap

    Imp Item (Card)

    Well it gameserver it says LuaSQL.dll Loaded, also the luasql file is loaded and i guess it work, i posted my luasql.lua function up this page
  11. FapFap

    110% apparel effect

    BUMP, i tried using Clean files and the problem is that it still takes 2x Crystals when you fail upgrade, "It only takes 2 crystals when crystals are stackedable" if not stacked it only takes 1 on fail.. Is there a way to fix it so it can take 1 Strengthening Crystal when you fail, even if crystals are stacked?
  12. FapFap

    Buy Services

    I'm looking for Services: Protection against SQL Injection, pm me
  13. FapFap

    Imp Item (Card)

    This itemeffect you shared doesn't give any imps when using the item, it just making the Logs that they been added successfully.. but no imps, also the SQL user / pw are Correct, i also test host as SQL Instance name but wont work
  14. FapFap

    Imp Item (Card)

    @Wrexor @Satan @mkhzaleh @Sultan guys why im having this error when i click the item: This is the DB Function: This is the itemeffect: Could anyone help?! UP thread i posted my whole LuaSQL function ( Tested on both versions "Clean" 1.36 & 1.38 both same problems )!
  15. FapFap

    Imp Item (Card)

    I already checked connection info & set all rights on database just to test, and still gives same error, im using sql 2014