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  1. FapFap

    Exchanger NPC

    I made an Exchanger NPC and im having such error at lua_err.txt [06-14 17:30:43]resource/script/MisSdk/NpcSdk.lua:173: attempt to index local `exchangeData' (a nil value) Exchanger NPC Script: function exch_1 () Talk( 1, "Exchanger: Hi, welcome! How can I help you?" ) Text( 1, "Exchange Item", SendExchangeXData) Text( 1, "Nothing...",CloseTalk ) InitExchangeX() ExchangeDataX( 7505 , 300 , 7591 , 1 , 1) end NpcSdk.lua Function: function SendExchangeXData( character, npc, exchangeData ) local packet = GetPacket() WriteCmd( packet, CMD_MC_EXCHANGEDATA ) local npcid = GetCharID( npc ) WriteDword( packet, npcid ) if exchangeData.count ~= nil then WriteWord( packet, exchangeData.count ) for n = 1, exchangeData.count, 1 do WriteWord( packet, exchangeData.srcid[n] ) WriteWord( packet, exchangeData.srcnum[n] ) WriteWord( packet, exchangeData.tarid[n] ) WriteWord( packet, exchangeData.tarnum[n] ) end else WriteWord( packet, 0 ) end SendPacket( character, packet ); end Error shows at SystemNotice after clicking "Exchange Item"
  2. FapFap

    Map Timer NPC / Website

    The Map Timer that shows If Map like Chaos Argent is Open or Closed? If so then check Mega Archive, almost every website there has that PHP Script.
  3. FapFap

    GameServer crashing...

    @1g0rS1lv4 Sadly no, thats why i posted after i saw @KONG that said to post exploits so we can fix & share for public, still waiting tho.
  4. FapFap

    LuaSQL (DLL)

    1.36 DLL is bug, it wont register lua functions, it only loads the dll on top of gameserver.. ( tried it in clean and custom gameservers 1.36 ) 1.38 works fine and registers lua functions.. could you check the 1.36 one?
  5. FapFap

    Пиратия на unity3d

    @patrick13 nice work it looks better on unreal
  6. FapFap

    Upgrade - Tichun

    @Onioni fixed
  7. FapFap

    Need a help in my server

    Wrong Section. @V3ct0r
  8. FapFap

    GameServer crashing...

    @KONG you can share the fix for the systemnotice & others? Also i found out that some people using this exploit aswell: Changing Birth Map to a map with big letters = GameServer Crash Also another similar one is done but its while teleporting character through Teleporter npc. Other: Flooding gateserver with Connections = Won't allow other players to connect & causes lag You have any ideas on these? ty
  9. FapFap

    Discussion of current Exploit

    Just check attr's after player is created and change to 5 at AttrCalculate.lua Nope.
  10. FapFap

    Discussion of current Exploit

    @1g0rS1lv4 Theres another exploit to crash ur GameServer, which are being used from some kiddies out there. Changing Birth Map to a Map with big letters = GS Crash! Another one is done while Teleporting through NPC Teleporter. So far i know this two only & i talked about this with ROSO Owner "Derick" who had such problem tho, try make a DUMP File and check it out and share on forum and i hope as some of Known Devs already said on another topic that "if you share the problem they can help fix for the public"
  11. FapFap

    The source code is available!

    You won't be able to complie client with the missing files since they MISSING - "Deleted" - "Not Shared"...
  12. FapFap

    The source code is available!

    @Riddler01 I kinda accept the fact the the source aint shared completly.
  13. FapFap


    Is this website public? anyone have it?
  14. FapFap

    Zero of The World

    Stats appear, just edit the COLOR of fonts from DEFAULT_WHITE to COLOR_WHITE and will work fine