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  1. FapFap

    Who has hacking programs?

    Here xnxx.com/GAYafdolngoh "No hate".. it's funny whats he asking for LOL
  2. FapFap

    Eff / Par

    Can you share? system/model/scripts folders?
  3. FapFap


  4. FapFap

    Eff / Par

    Aint working, crashing upon opening
  5. FapFap

    Zero of The World

    Anyone got Zero of the World Skin working for 1.3x Clients?
  6. FapFap

    Eff / Par

    Has anyone shared a builded one?
  7. FapFap

    Eff / Par

    Has anyone been able to edit .eff / .par files yet? If yes, can you tell me which program opens & allows me to edit these, i tried 3D Max but it won't open these..
  8. FapFap


    Always same problem when using the Item... Changed Database & made default sa login & pw and still same errors on GS Console when i use the Item.. Any help? e.e
  9. FapFap

    Avacado Files

    As i know "Search" works perfect, anyway.. Thread: Archive: https://mega.nz/#F!OUMUgTYb!jtCsqh7halK_O9uzWyaG0g You can find Avacado and any other Files / Websites / Functions / Programs etc... (Which are already shared to-public).
  10. on such attacks Kiwi will crash, aint a good choice but its good for small attacks
  11. FapFap

    LuaSQL - Nil Value | Working One

    @V3ct0r We already tried but the Custom GS from you doesn't register the function
  12. I opened this thread to ask what could be the problem that some GameServer accepts LuaSQL.dll and some doesn't.. Which addresses are edited? "I tested on a Custom GS and on diff Custom One, one works fine other doesn't also it doesn't work on Lucky Files Clean GS.."
  13. FapFap

    Apparel Fusion Status Disappear How to fix

    Open forge.lua and go to " can_fusion_item_main" look for: -- Tells What Items are fuseable local ItemID_Waiguan = GetItemID ( Item_Waiguan ) --if ItemID_Waiguan <= 5000 or ItemID_Waiguan >= 7000 then REMOVE THIS if ItemID_Waiguan > 25000 then -- KEEP THIS SystemNotice( role ,"Item cannot determined attribute") return 0 end This will allow you to fuse until 7k ( if your gs aint hexed for more ) then try again