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  1. Andy

    Sea Commerce

    some function is changed in the GameServer(136), (may the TradeBerthList) because if you use old gameserver(1.35), cargo trade function works fine...
  2. Andy

    Program for fixing a bug with Swings

    thanks vector, nice work
  3. Andy

    Admiral Cloak

    seems like no one wants help here. so i will . hope this works for you. add anywhere on functions.lua function RemoveStats( role ) RemoveState(role, STATE_BBRING1) RemoveState(role, STATE_BBRING2) RemoveState(role, STATE_BBRING3) RemoveState(role, STATE_BBRING4) RemoveState(role, STATE_BBRING5) RemoveState(role, STATE_BBRING6) RemoveState(role, STATE_BBRING7) RemoveState(role, marriage ) RemoveState(role, STATE_VIPNECK) RemoveState(role, STATE_CAPE1) RemoveState(role, STATE_CAPE2) RemoveState(role, STATE_CAPE3) RemoveState(role, STATE_CAPE4) RemoveState(role, STATE_SWING) end then add this to fairy possesion skill ( skilleffect.lua RemoveStats(role) for example: -- if Part1 ==1 then ------Åж϶þת¾«Áé local star=0 local statelv=lv_JL*0.025*(sklv+1)*0.05 ----lv*1/40*(skilllv+1)/2*0.1 if Item_ID ==232 then -------------Á¦Ö®¾«Áé RemoveStats(role) --local star = GetChaAttr( role , ATTR_BSTR )*statelv local star = lv_JL SetCharaAttr(star ,role , ATTR_STATEV_STR) end if Item_ID ==233 then -------------ÌåÖ®¾«Áé RemoveStats(role) --local star = GetChaAttr( role , ATTR_BCON )*statelv local star = lv_JL SetCharaAttr(star ,role , ATTR_STATEV_CON) end if Item_ID ==234 then -------------ÉñÖ®¾«Áé RemoveStats(role) --local star = GetChaAttr( role , ATTR_BSTA )*statelv local star = lv_JL SetCharaAttr(star ,role , ATTR_STATEV_STA) end if Item_ID ==235 then -------------ר֮¾«Áé RemoveStats(role) --local star = GetChaAttr( role , ATTR_BDEX )*statelv local star = lv_JL SetCharaAttr(star ,role , ATTR_STATEV_DEX) end if Item_ID ==236 then -------------ÃôÖ®¾«Áé -- RemoveStats(role) --local star = GetChaAttr( role , ATTR_BAGI )*statelv local star = lv_JL SetCharaAttr(star ,role , ATTR_STATEV_AGI) end --if Item_ID ==237 then -------------а֮¾«Áé --end if Item_ID ==231 or Item_ID ==681 then -------------ÔËÖ®¾«ÁéºÍĦ¶¹Ð¡×Ó¶þÊÀ RemoveStats(role) --local star = lv_JL local star1 = GetChaAttr( role , ATTR_BMF ) local star = GetChaAttr( role , ATTR_BMF )*lv_JL*0.02 local star2=star+star1 --SystemNotice ( role , "Character current MF is "..star1 ) --SystemNotice ( role , "Character current MF set as "..star2 ) SetCharaAttr(star ,role , ATTR_STATEV_MF) end if Item_ID ==681 then -------------Ħ¶¹Ð¡×Ó¶þÊÀ RemoveStats(role) if str~=nil and str~=0 then SetCharaAttr(str ,role , ATTR_STATEV_STR) end if con~=nil and con~=0 then SetCharaAttr(con ,role , ATTR_STATEV_CON) end if sta~=nil and sta~=0 then SetCharaAttr(sta ,role , ATTR_STATEV_STA) end if dex~=nil and dex~=0 then SetCharaAttr(dex ,role , ATTR_STATEV_DEX) end if agi~=nil and agi~=0 then SetCharaAttr(agi ,role , ATTR_STATEV_AGI) end end -- and function State_JLFT_Rem (role , sklv ) RemoveStats(role) -- SetCharaAttr(0 ,role , ATTR_STATEV_STR) SetCharaAttr(0 ,role , ATTR_STATEV_CON) SetCharaAttr(0 ,role , ATTR_STATEV_STA) SetCharaAttr(0 ,role , ATTR_STATEV_DEX) SetCharaAttr(0 ,role , ATTR_STATEV_AGI) SetCharaAttr(0 ,role , ATTR_STATEV_MF) ALLExAttrSet(role) end
  4. Andy

    Contabo - My Thoughts

    lol Angelix Troll
  5. cheat engine maybe? put an cd on every item that can be abused.
  6. Andy

    Sea Bug

  7. ask zankza, (the guy who hacked it) :v
  8. Andy

    casting pots

    if im not wrong, is server side, but theres some pots are client side .o.0
  9. Andy

    Demonic World Map Lag

    well the best answer are " try fix yourself" i have no idea about your problem , but you can try fix yourself by loggingon the server you play with a fresh client ( yes top1 fresh client) andno tweaks, and see how it works... you can try run game without effects also, by deleting sceneffectinfo
  10. Andy

    Difference between Pko 1.x and top 2 files

    active players dont like V2.x
  11. Andy

    In Game Shop 1.36-1.38

  12. Andy

    [GUIDE] Daily Prize

    try use normal serialize? instead of xtacy one