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  1. ask zankza, (the guy who hacked it) :v
  2. casting pots

    if im not wrong, is server side, but theres some pots are client side .o.0
  3. Demonic World Map Lag

    well the best answer are " try fix yourself" i have no idea about your problem , but you can try fix yourself by loggingon the server you play with a fresh client ( yes top1 fresh client) andno tweaks, and see how it works... you can try run game without effects also, by deleting sceneffectinfo
  4. Difference between Pko 1.x and top 2 files

    active players dont like V2.x
  5. In Game Shop 1.36-1.38

  6. [GUIDE] Daily Prize

    try use normal serialize? instead of xtacy one
  7. (this is not a guide) Hello im here to show you people one way to make your own anti tweak (checksum starter) Files Are Open Source Code. and can be use for everyone. Configure your Server: Make your Starter/Installer: The hard part is disable or hide startgame from your client (game.exe) to prevent byspass by users. ( i wont explain how) Source:
  8. are you using edited gameserver or something is wrong with your database.
  9. What I can do?

    wrong game.exe what client are you using=?
  10. [Lua-SQL Extension] Crystal By Mob

    @johan accountserver db/ account_details table/ credit column