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  1. GMJor

    Map creator & Quest developer

    Clearly you did not get my point. I'm asking for somebody to create a quest because I'm not capable of doing it my self.
  2. GMJor

    Map creator & Quest developer

    I'm looking for somebody that can develop the quests..
  3. Hi Developers, I'm currently looking for some custom maps & quests. Are you capable of making quests from my and my teams ideas? I might be looking for you! Let me know in a message. Regards
  4. close topic.
  5. Hi guys & girls, I'm looking for a web developer. The website I'm looking for need at least the following features: - Dimension or PKO template - Auto PayPal system - email verification (forget or change PW) - captcha for register and logging in - comes with full database (item & mob info) - firewall, injection logs, ban logs, configuration, admin panel (all basic features) - map info/timing - server time clock - support by email - BUG report - News on front page - crystal system - item mall - itemhint - rep & referral system - credits exchanger - guild & player ranking - vip system - guide sector - quick links to community (fb, forum, instagram, youtube etc) And so on... If you can also design logos, banners etc etc it would be great, if not, it's ok. Can you provide me this kind of features? Send me a pm!
  6. Dear all, I'm looking for somebody that's skilled in creating images for the following things: - Game play teasers - Facebook page/group - Banners - Announcements It's not a 1 time only thing, so I might need you in the future as well. Send me a message if you are suitable for this job! Regards, Jorik
  7. GMJor

    Looking for

    Hello guys! (nd girls) I am looking for someone who can extend the limit of skillinfo, iteminfo, characterinfo, skilleff, and etc. I already read the guide but i can't make it work. If you can help me out we will be best friends forever, lol. Much love, Jorik
  8. GMJor

    Looking for Webdeveloper Named WoWo

    Could be... no idea tbh. That’s why I’m looking for him, but thanks anyway!
  9. Hello guys, Almost a year ago I made use of the service from a guy named WoWo. He's a web developer. I tried to contact him because I want to make use of his service again. Does some body know where he can be found? Please PM me. Thanks!
  10. GMJor

    Angelix's Market

    Nice man! Might get in touch with you about capture the flag
  11. Hello guys, I'm looking for a website developer. It need to have all features needed for TOP. I don't have a own design yet. a requirement is that you've already made a few websites. I'm NOT looking for beginners! you can contact me trough skype or send a private message here: skype: jorik_boersma@hotmail.com cya.
  12. Hello guys! I'm looking for some new apperals: - DE Set and Wepp Apperal - Blue/Green/Black/White/Pink Kylin Apperals - Other Custom Set/Weapon Apperals Any body knows how I can get them? Thanks! GM JoR
  13. Hello guys, I'm looking for some one that can improve my website on the security details. The website is already finished, it just needs security upgrade badly. The person who I am looking for needs to be a professional who know what he's doing! Can you make my website more secure? You got the right tools to do it? You got some reference from other people? Pm me right away and lets get started!