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  1. Koizumi

    Who have V3ct0r gameserver?

    Are the GM commands on this one hexed or normal?
  2. Not sure why it should be 100$ since your server has 20-40 people online. Haha.
  3. Title is self-explanatory. I'm taking suggestions. Basic features would be: 1.) Medium-hard 2.) A lot of PK maps 3.) A lot of farming For suggestions 1.) How would you like the gameplay to be? 2.) What kind of farming would be nice? AFK mining? Fairy coins? Farming map? (Demonic world, Dark swamp, etc.) 3.) Suggest something that would be interesting and worth playing.
  4. If you plan to be an Administrator. Don't be like this one. Have pride but learn to love your players. Don't let money eat your brain out like this one here. From 300 players down to 100 plus not even unique. This post is not entirely to bash this person but to show what money can do to people. Enjoy!
  5. Koizumi

    GM Command editor

    @V3ct0r How about a program that views renamed database columns?
  6. Koizumi

    Wisdom Pirates files?

    Does anyone have these files?
  7. Koizumi

    [WEB]Trickster Online

    http://mega.nz = Links do not expire http://mediafire.com = Links do not expire and has anti-bot download links.
  8. Koizumi

    [WEB]Trickster Online

    Is your website safe? And the download link doesn't seem to be working.
  9. Does anyone suggest any safe websites? (No exploits, backdoors, holes) Besides the PKO v1.0 template.
  10. Eyo, V3ct0r? No siggy's for this forum?

    1. Koizumi


      You know. Forum signature.

    2. Koizumi


      Oh, great. Thanks!

  11. Koizumi

    Database for SPKO Web template

    He did not share it but he did sell them.
  12. Unfortunately, their website template will only work with databases that has custom tables. Tried making them with Query commands, works but my GameServer won't work. It shows 'database (account) initialize error'. I replaced the GameServer.exe with the one that Yudha released and now it shows 'database (character) initialize error'. Tried other databases, didn't work. Tried other .exes, didn't work. Replaced Databases, website registration didn't work.