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    map_copy - это "role" карты. Количество копий задается в ctrl.lua -> function config(map) -> MapCopyNum(map, КОЛ_ВО_КОПИЙ). Переместить персонажа на определенную копию: MoveCity(role, map_birth, НОМЕР_КОПИИ) map_birth - название карты из birth_conf. Пример: В ctrl.lua в папку garner. MapCopyNum(map, 2) Это в любой билет, переместит игрока в Громоград, на вторую копию карты. MoveCity(role, "Громоград", 2) Дополнительно: Закрыть копию карты: CloseMapCopy ("Громоград", НОМЕР_КОПИИ) Переместить всех персонажей к точке записи: ClearAllSubMapCha(map_copy) Количество игроков на копии карты: GetMapCopyPlayerNum(map_copy)
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    Custom BD Altar. Details & Instructions are embedded in .txt file. Download Here
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    Simple Archive Link \/ https://mega.nz/#F!OUMUgTYb!jtCsqh7halK_O9uzWyaG0g
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    Hello, @ibrahimelmourchidi! Try this program: Also read that guide:
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    System Name: Plant the Bomb - 5v5 Team Battle Plant the Bomb - v1.0 [Preview] Credits: @Andrew, creating the map files(client-side) and introducing this battle mode in one of his servers before; @Angelix, Rush map scripts helped me a lot to creating this. @Satan, creating the scripts. Introduction: This is a 5v5 team battle with two additional game mechanics: The Red Team must plant a bomb at one of two viable plant zones, 1 or 2. Each round has a time limit of 2 minute(s) in which the Red Team must plant the bomb. If the time runs out and the bomb is not planted, the Green Team gains +1 point and the round will end in 10 second(s). After the bomb is planted, the Green Team has to defuse it in 1 minute(s) or it will explode granting +1 point to the Red Team and a new round starts in 10 second(s). The bomb takes 7 second(s) to plant or defuse. The team who survive will win the battle. The team who reach 6 point(s) first will win the battle. Future: Reward system for team; ADS System to inform players on map about current score of teams; Set the bomb not attackable by players; Any suggestion welcome.