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    may this help. Open up your forge.lua and look for this function: can_fusion_item_main ( Table ) Inside that function look for: local Item_Shuxing = GetChaItem ( role , 2 , ItemBag [2] ) --ÊôÐÔµÀ¾ßÖ¸Õë After that, add this: if GetItemAttr(Item_Waiguan, ITEMATTR_VAL_FUSIONID) ~= 0 then BickerNotice(role, "Apparel has an equipment already fused to it. Unable to fuse again!") return 0 end
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    I would actually love to see something really custom made. Something for example that is quest based, not heavy but to get you started in Gear, a gear system like BLADE & SOUL that you get a weapon at start and upgrade it thru your journey , a masterwork system for better STATS, a PVE map like Instances to get gems or something if you're not into PVP, idk.. stuff like that but without like Azz , Gr8 gems cause those are just retarded gems to have in game. But some ideas like that would be actually a bomb server.
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    yes you can use like this GiveJobToCha Text(1, "[Champion]", MultiTrigger, GetMultiTrigger(), 1) InitTrigger() TriggerCondition(1, HasItem, 3457, 1) TriggerAction(1, TakeItem, 3457, 1) TriggerAction(1, GiveJobToCha, 8) TriggerFailure(1, JumpPage, 3) Text(1, "[Crusader]", MultiTrigger, GetMultiTrigger(), 1) InitTrigger() TriggerCondition(1, HasItem, 3458, 1) TriggerAction(1, TakeItem, 3458, 1) TriggerAction(1, GiveJobToCha, 9) TriggerFailure(1, JumpPage, 3) or can add a function inside function.lua GiveJobToCha if CheckBagItem(role,68) >= 1 then TakeItem(role, 0, 68, 1) else SystemNotice(role, "You must have >>x item namex<<!") return end
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    Hello I've been working on a small project to create a better version of our beloved pkoSite. It's still a work in progress but just in case anyone wants to use it and help around with testing or whatever, I'm releasing a minimal version to the public. This version includes Register Login Downloads News Admin panel for both downloads and news I'll update it to include more things such as: Ranking Item Mall Credit Mall IMP Auction Credit Auction Wheel of Fortune Admin panel Logging system ( log all actions performed by admins ) If you have any feature you want , you can let me know in the comments, I'll be happy to add that! I've used the latest database libraries ( SQLSRV ) and laravel as the framework. You'll be able to run this in the latest version of any webserver you want. You can obtain the site from here. Installation guide: First off, you need SQLSRV drivers. Find out what version of PHP you're running and then download those drivers from here. Most of your webservers have thread safety enabled so you're going to want to use the _ts dll files. Take the sqlsrv pdo DLL and the normal sqlsrv dll and put them into your php( this folder will be in your webserver folder. For xampp users -> xampp/php.) -> ext folder. Now, open your php.ini which you'll find in your php folder. Search for "extension=php_" and you should come across something like this. as you can see at the end, I have the sqlsrv dlls added. Do the same for your php.ini file. Now, go here and scroll down till you see this : download the ODBC driver that corresponds to the sqlsrv driver versions you download and install them. That's all for the SQLSRV part. Now, depending on whether you just want to mess around with the website or you want to put it up for production, you have two options. You start a temporary server using artisan (it'll work on the port 8080 and won't interfere with your website) You can edit your HTTPD.CONF file to direct it to the website's public folder and the website will run directly from your browser by going to localhost or your website name. ( WARNING : No other folders on your webserver will be accessible to you if you use this method, i.e, you won't be able to use another site like http://localhost/site2. It won't work.). If you want to go the first route, open your command prompt. Direct yourself to the webserver directory and type in php artisan serve This'll start a server on the 8080 port and you can use the website as you wish. If you want to go the second route, go to your apache folder, and open the httpd.conf file. It should be in the conf folder. Search for the DocumentRoot. It'll be something like this : As you can see I've already changed my document root to the directory that my website is in. Do the same. That does it for the webserver/sqlsrv configuration. Now, adding your database configurations to the website. In the root of the website, there's a file called .env.example. Open the file. Most of the configs are self-explanatory. Change the SITE_INFO_DB_FILE to wherever you've stored your website. Go to google and check their RECAPTCHA page to obtain your RECAPTCHA PUBLIC and PRIVATE keys and just stuff those in the respective fields. IMPORTANT STEP HERE You have to remove the .example part from the .env file, i.e open your word editor and click "save as", choose the "all files" option and remove the .example from the end of the name, so the file is just called .env Open your command prompt, direct yourself to the website directory and type in php artisan key:generate This'll generate a key specific to your website. Go to the database folder(topSite/database/) and just create an empty "SiteInfo.sqlite" file. Run php artisan migrate --database=SiteInfo --path=database/migrations/SiteInfo php artisan migrate --database=GameDB --path=database/migrations/GameDB And you're done! If you want to change the title of the site or whatever, you can find the website's name in the config->app.php file. Let me know if there are any issues, I'll fix them as soon as I can. Some screenshots from the website
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    Hello, @Stitch! GameServer.exe should not be running
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    I would open a server like this
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    Client modification that allows you to automatically connect to the server This modification allows you to specify the ip address , port , server version , username and password First Step: You need to download Hex Editor: -https://mh-nexus.de/en/hxd/ Second Step: Open your Game.exe in Hex Editor: Third Step: After you opened your game.exe , you need to click the search option, then replace. -After that you gonna go to Hex values -At the "Search For" line you put : 84 C0 74 17 8B C6 8D 50 01 EB 03 8D 49 00 -Then to 'Replace with' line you put: 84 C0 EB 17 8B C6 8D 50 01 EB 03 8D 49 00 -After that you click ok , Save the file. Fourth Step: After that you go to your client folder then right click startgame.bat and click edit with notepad: -Then you gonna replace "start system\Game.exe" with -After that save the changes. Now the player will not need to enter their username and password: the game now will automatically connect to the server and the player will be directly in the character selection stage.
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    Конкретно - jmp и movzx только вот вопрос - я ж ее из 1.39 мэйловского клиента брал, инс то там откуда?