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    @KONG Code provided is proof of concept only. Implementation:
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    Предоставлю услуги отрисовки и верстки уникального GUI под ваш проект. В данный момент есть один не дорисованный макет, для демонстрации сверстал два диалоговых окна: И так же торговля: Детали обсуждаются индивидуально. Если тут есть люди, готовые платить за такой контент прошу в скайп: Milkovay
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    ColourNotice(role,"0xe33d1b","congratulations~! you Upgraded Swing to Lv10!!")
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    Hello everyone! We have the permission to use this Server Name & Files/Source thanks to @KONG Credits for the server goes to: Foxseiz, Billy, Wrexor, Mi, Ogge, and Kong Official Started 23rd August 2019! Website: http://corsairs-online.com/ Corsairs Online Medium <-> Hard Character Level Capped at: Lv 65 Gems Level Capped at: Lv 3 BD Gems Level Capped at: Lv 2 Fairy Level Capped at: Lv 40 Server Rates: Drop Rate -> 1x Solo-Exp -> 1.5x Party-Exp -> 1x Fairy-Growth -> 10x Ship-Exp -> 3x Note: As this server was under development for years and many of you already seen the features, i'll be sharing some interesting ones! Guild Bank: Allows you to store your items & money and share it with guild members if you give them access. Also you can complete random Quests given by Guild which can help you improve your Guild Attributes (Stats) and raise Guild Level! You are allowed to change guild Color & Make a Unique Emblem for ur Guild! Guild Leader can choose to give different Permissions to the Guild Members that he/she Trust: Theres also a Guild House (Map) for every Guild, which allows Guild Members (who has the Right Permissions) to edit their Guild Map with different Buildings New Game Setting that allows you to switch between High-Mid-Low performance and the stuff you want to see on your screen A new Tab for GM's and Blocked Players is added in-game GM Tab will show all the Admin's/GM's Online (When none of them is online, it wont show anythng) Blocked Players Tab allows players to block players in-game which ones will show there (By blocking them you won't see their PM's/World/Trade/Chats)! New Stall System - which allows you to Search for an Item without walking and searching each stall on your own, also you can exchange with another item of your choice! Gold Notes are simplier than ever, by just clicking a button you will get the amount that you want on Notes! Lock your Items, so none will be able to Trade/Delete/Drop if they don't know your security-code! Bags of Holding - Allows you to store items in there and save your Invertory/Bank Slots! You can change the name of the Bag to any name of your choice for free, so you will know what you have on each without opening it! Shared Bag of Holding - Gives 2 same Item, if you share with a friend then both of you will have the same item stored there, but if one of you takes it then it will disappear on the other one aswell. New - Better & Easier design of In-Game Mall Shop that will be like this: Gems will show their Level on their Icon, aswell as for items / Pets, like: You can see Player Ranking through game, you are able to see their Rank Number / Name / Level / Class like: Skill Books will now show their full description like shown on the picture below: This is just a few of them, alot of more features you'll see after you start playing! Website: http://corsairs-online.com/ Our Discord Channel is: https://discord.gg/F9mdzzH Our Facebook Page is: https://www.facebook.com/corsairsonlineofficial/ Enjoy!
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    Hi, I'm posting here the way I'm using to get the original mobs animations and put them in the 3d model and then put these monsters in unity, I didn't put put this post in guide because I don't convert to .lab again, so I don't think it's so useful for those who use the top code, yet it can be useful for you, and if you are in front of me and know a faster way to do it please tell me. = D
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    Ещё небольшое обновление.
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    Hello community of pkoDev, some time ago we got our hands on the source code for the game we love and have been creating unique stuff for years. Many (including myself) are completely useless when trying to build and make a functional application out of the Chinese sources so not many people were using them. Now, thanks to the Sheep Squad (KONG, Billy, Wrexor, Mii, Foxseiz & Snre3n), they have released the source code for the server-side applications and a client to go along with it. We have to thank them for it, since this improves the community as a whole and now you start seeing a few servers popping up. While they're functional, there have been comments about them having some minor issues, which we as a community can come together to fix as a public source code. This thread is created thanks to KONG for giving the idea and is not to bring any other issue/dramas that showed up in the other thread. This thread's only purpose is to identify issues/improvements and share the code that can fix and/or improve the code, therefore: Anyone is allowed to post anything they might have found, even if they don't have an immediate fix for it. Anyone is allowed to contribute fixes to other people's issues and their own. Anyone is allowed to contribute improvements to existing code. If any issue fix and/or improvement is shared and you can make the code better, feel free to contribute! Note1: This thread is not about fixing the directories, missing files or compiling source code itself, that's explained on the original release thread. Note2: This is my first time doing a thread like this, so if I'm missing anything to add, let me know! So for as posting something, lets follow the example stated by KONG. For Bug Reports, follow this: Bug Title: Bug Description: How to replicate: Status (pending / close / open): Author (whoever that fixes it): For Architecture Improvements, follow: Title: Refactor to MVC design pattern Reason: scalability and maintainability Approach: For Game Improvements, follow this: Title: Reason: Improve existing guild functions Approach: SQL table, Open-closed, etc Concerns: concurrency, race, etc Please try posting the actual fixes, if you can, try explaining what was done so the rest of people reading the thread can learn if they're interested. Avoid just posting the whole file like "here's the fixes inside my functions.lua" and posting your 20K line file, try posting just the fixes/changes.
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    Belo trabalho Vector, parece bom, estou trabalhando em um projeto com unity também, veja
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    Clean list of the game improvements so you can directly go to the comment that you're interested in. Game Improvements: In-Game Shop Limited Duration/Quantity / Open. NPC Hover Text Color / Closed.
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    Clean list of the bug reports so you can directly go to the comment that you're interested in. Bug Reports and Status Guild Attribute Refresh / Closed. Amplifier Unlimited Stats / Closed. Random Disconnects / Open. Buy Page Missing Level / Closed. Invisible Swings / Closed. Inventory Item Price / Open. In-Game Shop Not Updating / Closed. Nightmare Helmet Issue / Closed. Admiral Cloak / Closed. GetRoleByID Not Working / Closed.
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    Little contribution. This should allow you to choose were a player revives when they press the prompt "revive in town". For those interested in making new map scripts and also stuff like respawning near a portal if a map is still active like "Chaos Argent" and such. Lua function and its corresponding source adjustment. MapRespawnOnDeath = function(Player) return "" end void CCharacter::BackToCity(bool bDie, cChar *szCityName, Long lMapCpyNO, Char chSwitchType) { SubMap *pCMap = GetSubMap(); pCMap->GoOut(this); SetToMainCha(bDie); CCharacter *pCMainCha = GetPlyMainCha(); pCMainCha->SetExistState(enumEXISTS_NATALITY); //pCMainCha->m_timerScripts.Reset(); /* if(bDie && (!strcmp(pCMap->GetName(), "guildwar"))) { if(GetGuildType() == emGldTypePirate) { szCityName = "guildwarpirateside"; } else { szCityName = "guildwarnavyside"; } } else if(bDie && (!strcmp(pCMap->GetName(), "guildwar2"))) { if(GetGuildType() == emGldTypePirate) { szCityName = "guildwarpirateside2"; } else { szCityName = "guildwarnavyside2"; } } */ if (g_CParser.DoString("MapRespawnOnDeath", enumSCRIPT_RETURN_STRING, 1, enumSCRIPT_PARAM_LIGHTUSERDATA, 1, pCMainCha, DOSTRING_PARAM_END)) szCityName = g_CParser.GetReturnString(0); if (!szCityName || !strcmp(szCityName, "")) pCMainCha->ResetBirthInfo(); else { SBirthPoint *pSBirthP; pSBirthP = GetRandBirthPoint(GetLogName(), szCityName); SetBirthMap(pSBirthP->szMapName); SetPos(pSBirthP->x * 100, pSBirthP->y * 100); } pCMainCha->SwitchMap(pCMap, pCMainCha->GetBirthMap(), pCMainCha->GetPos().x, pCMainCha->GetPos().y, false, chSwitchType, lMapCpyNO); }
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    //... static char buf[6]; const auto seconds_remaining = _fPlayTime - _fCurTime; const auto minutes = static_cast<int>(seconds_remaining / 60); const auto seconds = static_cast<int>(seconds_remaining - (minutes * 60)); minutes > 1 ? _snprintf_s(buf, _TRUNCATE, "%.2d:%.2d", minutes, seconds) : seconds > 1 ? _snprintf_s(buf, _TRUNCATE, "%d", seconds) : _snprintf_s(buf, _TRUNCATE, "%.1f", seconds_remaining); CGuiFont::s_Font.BRender(0, buf, x, y, COLOR_RED, COLOR_BLACK); } // End of function void CAniClock::Render(int x, int y);
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    Hello! I would like to announce that I'm working on a new private server and beta should be up there soon. Redemption Online Server Information: [Medium-Hard] [Level Cap]: 65 [Gems Cap]: 5 [Fairy Cap]: 51 [Drop Rate]: 1x [Solo Exp Rate]: 2x [Party Exp Rate]: 1x [Fairy Exp Rate]: 20x [Ship Exp Rate]: 10x [Daily Quests] [Low]: For players lv45 and below. [Med]: For players lv46 to 55. [High]: For players lv56 and higher. [Rewards]: Gold + In-Game Points. [Leveling] Game system provide enough equipment until level 55 to help you to get level up solo or in-party. [Gems] [Refining]: Can be obtained by killing mobs of Forsaken City - Dark Swamp - Demonic World - Bosses. [Unique]: Can be obtained by solving Sheepskin Scroll - Mazes - Dungeons - Bosses. [Advanced]: Can be obtained by Bosses - Mazes - Dungeons. [Broken-Cracked-Chipped]: Can be obtained by Forsaken City - Dark Swamp - Demonic World chests. [Mazes] [Forsaken City] - [Dark Swamp] - [Demonic World]: Every 4 hours. [Chaos Argent]: Every 6 hours. [Nightmare Chaos Icicle]: Every 12 hours. It's a blind PK map where you can't see your opponents names - items or the buffs they got and it cannot be tweaked on client side like top2. [Guild System] Here's a sneak peak of the Guild System: || [Guild Bank] Here you can keep your items and share it with guild members with Guild Vault's access. [Guild Attributes] Now you can get yourself some stat points by leveling up your guild! You can level up your guild by doing the quests which randomly shows up on Quest tab and of course by killing bosses! Killing bosses gives you real huge exp! [Guild Emblem and Color] Now you can customize your guild color and make your special emblem. [Guild Permissions] Now you can give roles to your guild members and make more than a leader as well. [Guild House]: You can fully customize it with more than 32 objects. [New Equipment and Apparel Forms] Now you can wear Wings - Pets - Cloak - Swings - Apparels in a separated slot. Apparel Form contains: Pet Apparel - Head - Face - Chest - Gloves - Boots - Glow - Dagger - Staff - Bow - Gun - 1Handed Sword - 2Handed Sword - Shield [New Effects System] Now you can keep all your buffs and items effect that you used to lose due to disconnect, teleport or any reason but death. You can now check the buffs and items that your opponent have just by hovering with your mouse on your opponent character. [New Game Setting] Now you can just take off apparels of all players just by changing Apparel value Show To Hide on the Game Setting form. Now you can just take off all the game effects just by changing Effects value Show to Hide. Those 2 values are so important if you're playing on a low computer by changing the value to Hide game performance will be increased. If you're bothered by the buffs and effect state below the hp bar of you or your opponents you can just turn it off by changing the value of State Icon Show to Hide. [Nightmare Demonic Helmet] Nightmare Demonic Helm works as charm with upgrade system and ranks next to your name [New Stall System] Now you can open a stall with your item to be sold for gold or to be exchanged with another item of your choose! Now you can simply search for the item you want to buy in all the stalls settled in the game. [New Inventory System] || [New Gold System] No need for million dollar notes anymore! Now you can just turn your gold by one click in your inventory to an item! [New Sorting System] Now you can simply sort your inventory by one click [New Items Lock System] Now you can simply lock your items anytime you want and none will be able to unlock it unless he knows your account pin. That's all for now Website: Still working on. Will be added soon! Discord No estimated date for the beta version, but until that happen, all suggestions are accepted through DM or Discord server. Credits goes for: Have a nice day!
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    Название сервера: Пиратия Classic Версия игры: 1.39 Время сервера: Московское(MSK) Запуск сервера: 08.06.2019 Сайт: http://piratia-2.ru Гуппа ВКонтакте: https://vk.com/piratia_classic Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/EZP9Fz2 ОГЛАВЛЕНИЕ Рейты сервера Информация о персонаже Локации и данжеоны Квесты Баланс классов Общая информация Рейты сервера Соло/Пати • Качер Дроп • 100х Фея • 1000х Информация о персонаже Макс уровень персонажа • (150-200-225-250) Макс уровень Феи • (50 - 100-150) Сила • 150 Ловкость • 150 Телосложение • 150 Точность • 150 Дух • 180 Локации и данжеоны 1) Список все доступных локаций на сервере: Аскарон, Мираж Ледыни, Мираж Шайтана, Мираж Громограда, Одинокая Башня 1-6, Остров Зимы, Небеса, Остров Скелетов ,База Флота, Астрал 2)Такое понятие как "мини-данжи" отсутствует, но некоторые данжи приспособлены только под маг. классы. 3)На сервере присутствуют следующие данжи: Темная Топь Мир Демонов 1-2 Снежная Война Логово Чёрного Дракона Хаос Аргента (добавлены изменения в механику данжа) Абаддон 1-18 Арена Смерти Край Аврора 1-2 ,Край Тьмы 1-2 и другие данжи По открытию сервера названия данжей будут изменены. 4)Постепенно будут вводиться и новые Данжи по мере развития сервера Баланс классов За основу взят баланс классов официальной версии игры и сделаны небольшие изменения Общая информация 1)Первая/Вторая профессии у НПС , цена: 5к/20к 2)Все усилители опыта и дропа продаются у НПС 3)Билеты продаются у НПС 4)Начальные Аппарели продаются у НПС, новые уникальные аппарели необходимо выбивать. 5)Добавлены Дерево Удачи . (Новая система) 6) Максимальная заточка экипировки- 150% (кристаллы необходимо собирать (Система кристаллов) 7)Доступно сделать 3 слота - (шанс 100%) 8)Добавлены новые скиллы с картами 9)На сервере продуманы мельчайшие детали, которые влияют на долгую и комфортную игру Это не полный список, с каждой неделей мы будем дописывать что добавлено или изменено на сервере, а также будет множество подробных гайдов уже будут готовы к бета тесту . С Уважением Администрация сервера Пиратия Classic