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    Tales of pirates website for sale. Working features: register/ login/ gallery/ maps preview/ items hints Website is not finished and some features need fixing, because of that I'm willing to sell it for a fairly cheap price OR I can finish it for you which means it'd be more expensive. Mystic Wheel backend is not coded. If you want it, have any questions etc please feel free to drop me a message. Coded in python.
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    Offline Stall server update to version 3.7 dated 03/17/2020 IMPORTANT! A critical vulnerability was fixed due to which cybercriminals could cause StallServer.exe to crash. This vulnerability was associated with an incorrect block size in packet headers that was forged by attackers, which led to an error on the server when packet encryption was enabled and protection from WPE / RPE was enabled. I express special gratitude to the administration of the Kara Online project for the information about the vulnerability and the help in its elimination. For those who purchased this modification, I recommend urgently contacting me for the latest version of the StallServer.exe.
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    Редактор ItemInfo.txt Редактор списка NPC:
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