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    Im glad im here, because of @blazi10 i know i can make a bag droping the items i want! @Vazant, i make mazes drop refining vouchers, and in argent ive made an exchanger, vouchers for x lv Refining gem. If you want i can share you that npc
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    iteminfo.txt: XXX- ur ID from iteminfo itemeffect.lua:
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    You need to add an item use function to the item and have it output a refining gem. I would suggest you to dig into the server files for items with a similar behavior and try to implement it yourself, it's mostly copy and paste
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    Special Gem Combiner A lot of friends were asking me to release what I had in my server, which is a normal gem combiner like any other server "but" it takes only level 1. Few servers used to let players keep level 2+ gems in bank before combining. With this Special Gem Combiner, it will only take level 1 and combine it with ease. First, add this to any of your NPCscript (Add rest of gems by yourself) function FastCombinerNpc() Talk(1,'Hello! I am the Fast Gem Combiner. How can I help you?') Text(1,'Level 4 Gem Combining!', JumpPage, 2) Talk(2,'Special Gem Combiner: Here is list of Level 4 Gems!' ) Text(2,'Refining Gem',FastCombiner,885,4) -- Gem item id, level to combine Text(2,'Gem of Rage',FastCombiner,863,4) -- Gem item id, level to combine Text(2,'Eye of Black Dragon',FastCombiner,864,4) -- Gem item id, level to combine end Second, add this in your NPCsdk.lua (between lines: 2300~2500?) elseif item.func == FastCombiner then return FastCombiner(character,item.p1,item.p2) Finally, add this in your functions.lua function FastCombiner(cha,itemid,lvl) local CombineLvl = {} CombineLvl[4] = {pieces=8,fee=100000} CombineLvl[5] = {pieces=16,fee=500000} CombineLvl[6] = {pieces=32,fee=1000000} --! Check if Bag is locked if(KitbagLock(cha, 0) ~= LUA_TRUE)then HelpInfo(cha,0,'Your bag is locked!') return end --! Check has money required for gem level local m = HasMoney(cha,CombineLvl[lvl].fee) if(m == 0)then HelpInfo(cha,0,'You must have '..CombineLvl[lvl].fee..'G to combine!') return end --! Scan whole inventory and store gem slots location local bag,gemSlot,gemLv,array = GetKbCap(cha),0,0,{} for i = 0,bag-1 do gemSlot = GetChaItem(cha,2,i) if(GetItemID(gemSlot) == itemid)then gemLv = GetItemAttr(gemSlot,ITEMATTR_VAL_BaoshiLV) if(gemLv == 1)then table.insert(array,i) end end end --! Check if player has correct number of gems (Lv1) if(table.getn(array) < CombineLvl[lvl].pieces)then HelpInfo(cha,0,'You must have x'..CombineLvl[lvl].pieces..' of Lv1 '..GetItemName(itemid)..' to combine!') return end --! Remove gems local rem = 0 for k,j in pairs(array) do if(rem < CombineLvl[lvl].pieces)then RemoveChaItem(cha,0,1,2,j,2,1) rem = rem + 1 else break end end --! Give a message, take the money & the gem combined BickerNotice(cha,GetItemName(itemid)..' was successfully combined to level '..lvl..'!') TakeMoney(cha,0,CombineLvl[lvl].fee) GiveItem(cha,0,itemid,1,100+lvl) end